Welcome to FunSpiration! A space for delicious, bursting with flavor recipes for everyday eats and must-have treats.

Hi, I’m Loan, a self taught cook and baker. I love coffee, everything chocolate, baked goods, and of course – beautiful & delicious food!

While testing recipes to add variety to our home cooked meals, I discovered how much I enjoy experimenting with food – tweaking ingredients, simplifying methods to make foods quicker, healthier whenever possible, while maintaining that irresistible mouthwatering flavor! 

Trying new recipes has been a fun hobby and a never ending adventure. Making my own versions of dishes that were once intimidating has been an exciting journey. Which lead to this blog – a fun way to document and share my favorite eats from various cuisines, including Romanian and Vietnamese. Ones that are approved by my personal tasters – my husband and our kids – the true influencers and my inspirations for these beautifully delicious recipes.  

I hope you’ll enjoy my blog, and may you leave feeling inspired to give these recipes a try! Thanks for visiting!

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients”Julia Child